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Parenting. Pros and cons of raising children with mobile devices

There are a multitude of techniques for raising children. Some parents keep a tight hand over their child, controlling his or her every move or studies, and burdening him or her with workouts. While others let them do whatever they want, thinking that their beloved son or daughter will grow up to be a free individual only in a carefree environment. Some choose in-between options. Often conflicts over parenting arise even within the family. However, hardly any parent would claim that electronic devices do not influence their child’s upbringing. read more

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Tips for Choosing Windows for Your Child’s Safety and Health

When a baby appears in a house or apartment, then everything turns upside down. Parents are faced with the task of ensuring the safety of the child and creating optimal conditions that will favorably influence the development. Adapting the home to the needs of the child’s environment is essential. There are many safety products on the market for stairs, shelves, tables, etc. However,  parents should also pay attention to windows that can pose an immediate threat to the health and even life of the child. In this article, we’ll talk about how to choose safe windows for your kids. read more

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Top-5 Ways to Influence Your Child

​​Parenting is considered one of the most difficult tasks in the world, but there is no one universally accepted course on how to be a successful parent. However, the good news is that there are many simple ways to stimulate a child’s brain development and use everyday activities as learning opportunities. Carlota Nelson, director of the documentary Brain Matters, shares five simple, effective, and evidence-based tips to help prepare your child for a successful life. read more

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Expert Advice on Parenting for Women

Parenting is not such a big problem if you mean by this word the following: help the child learn to live and play with others, carefully explore new things, deal with his feelings, develop one’s interests. It’s not easy at all. There is no magic “right way”: the way in which you discipline or raise your child depends on all the characteristics that distinguish your family from others. Discipline is not about making your child do what you want. You cannot force a toddler to be “good”. For this reason, we have prepared this small guide on raising your kids based on the UNICEF recommendations. read more

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5 Reasons to Attend a Workshop by Renew Mama

For every woman, pregnancy is one of the most anticipated, pleasant, and exciting times in her life. At this time, future mothers experience a variety of feelings, and the heart and mind are occupied with warm dreams and joyful expectations. However, along with positive emotions, women can experience fears, anxieties, and doubts. And this is clear since the body is undergoing serious changes. It is noticed that most of the worries and negative emotions can be minimized if you get high-quality informative preparation in advance and learn as much as possible about how to be a mom. For this purpose, the Renew Mama studio was created. read more