5 Reasons to Attend a Workshop by Renew Mama

For every woman, pregnancy is one of the most anticipated, pleasant, and exciting times in her life. At this time, future mothers experience a variety of feelings, and the heart and mind are occupied with warm dreams and joyful expectations. However, along with positive emotions, women can experience fears, anxieties, and doubts. And this is clear since the body is undergoing serious changes. It is noticed that most of the worries and negative emotions can be minimized if you get high-quality informative preparation in advance and learn as much as possible about how to be a mom. For this purpose, the Renew Mama studio was created.


Why Should You Attend Workshops for Future Moms?

Unfortunately, not all courses can really help future moms and dads. Some of them are not much different from the Internet tips, or advice of a friend who believes that her experience of childbirth and motherhood is universal and suitable for everyone. How to prepare for childbirth without risking your health? Here are five reasons to attend courses by Renew Mama:

Professional approach

Psychologists, midwives, fitness instructors, breastfeeding specialists, infant swimming trainers, yoga instructors are more than just names. These are professions in which people take responsibility. Your health and the health of your child directly depend on them. The lack of certificates and diplomas suggests that a person does not bear any responsibility for one’s words and actions. Therefore, when going to courses, ask who will teach them, and do not hesitate to ask for official confirmation of their skills. Their presence guarantees you a professional level of preparation.

Elimination of fears

A human genetic feature is caring for future generations, which is associated with a number of fears:

  • for the health of the child in the womb;
  • for the ability to bear and give birth to a baby;
  • for heredity (genetic diseases, intellectual skills);
  • for the family’s opportunity to raise the child.

Anxiety while carrying a child is quite common, but you need to notice the negative impact of fears on the life of a pregnant woman in time. More than ever, the expectant mother needs a calm and peaceful atmosphere, a sense of security, confidence in her own safety, and, of course, positive emotions. Professional psychologists will help future moms to cope with their fears.

Physical preparation

Yoga for pregnant women is a specially selected set of asanas, designed mainly for working out the muscles of the back, aimed at increasing the flexibility of the spine and working with breathing and attention. Yoga teaches you to control yourself: your emotions and your body. Professional yoga instructors will help to overcome emotional storms that will go away themselves when the yoga practice takes a certain place in the women’s life. At Renew Mama, there are also yoga classes available for families, kids, moms, and babies.

Preparation for the natural childbirth

Pain during childbirth is a normal phenomenon, and there is no point in fighting it. But prolonged painful stress leads to premature fatigue, impaired uterine contractions, hypoxia. A lot depends on a woman’s psychological readiness for childbirth, on an understanding of what is happening to her. ​​If you want your childbirth to go smoothly and as painlessly as possible, you need to prepare for it. You can get the relevant knowledge and skills at the workshop.

Basics of baby care

During the first year of life, a child makes a giant leap in one’s physical and emotional development. But parents also learn a lot, especially if the baby is the first. An important aspect of baby care is proper breastfeeding. Attachments to the breast help to build the rhythm of life, calm down, and feed the baby. It is also important to know the basics of a baby’s hygiene, diet, medical treatment, etc. All this is explained at the Renew Mama workshops. 


Individual Approach

Of course, there are no two similar pregnancies, just like there are no two similar children. Someone used to attend fitness classes before pregnancy and is ready to train further, someone loves yoga more, someone cannot exercise at all, someone is already expecting a second or third baby and does not need a theory. All these stories are not a reason to ignore classes. This is a reason to turn your attention to those courses which are suitable for your particular situation. So, feel free to choose the workshop of your interest and make sure that you are ready for motherhood.

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