Expert Advice on Parenting for Women

Parenting is not such a big problem if you mean by this word the following: help the child learn to live and play with others, carefully explore new things, deal with his feelings, develop one’s interests. It’s not easy at all. There is no magic “right way”: the way in which you discipline or raise your child depends on all the characteristics that distinguish your family from others. Discipline is not about making your child do what you want. You cannot force a toddler to be “good”. For this reason, we have prepared this small guide on raising your kids based on the UNICEF recommendations.


7 Expert Tips on Raising Your Kid

Children are most rebellious when their parents are constantly busy with their own affairs, are very stressed, or are going through difficult times. Therefore, it is important to remember that children usually repeat the behavior of their parents. Being aware of this responsibility, pay attention to how you behave, as children absorb everything like a “sponge”. The following tips will help you navigate parenting issues:

Praise more instead of punishment

Toddlers love to be praised because they love to please. They really want to be noticed. If you reward their behavior that you like, the child will try even harder to please you. Hugs, smiles, parental interest in what they are doing is the best reward and motivation for a child.

Be reasonable in your expectations

Energetic, very mobile babies simply do not perceive such words as “be careful”, “wait”, etc. Give them time to comprehend what you are saying, show by your example how to do this, and consolidate the new knowledge by jointly making the necessary behavior with the child and so you will help the child learn how to act.

Use the word “no” when you really need it

Your child needs you to set clear boundaries for acceptable behavior. If they get away with everything, they will be in great confusion; but you have to decide what is really important. Your child will learn the rules faster if there are not many of them.

Learn to negotiate with your child

You cannot force your baby to eat, sleep and go to the toilet exactly when you want it. You will not achieve obedience by causing more and more conflicts. Understanding how the necessary behaviors are formed in children and the ability to negotiate with the child in advance will help you minimize conflicts and improve your relationships.

Distract the child or try your own tricks to get the child’s attention 

It’s usually easy to shift your baby’s attention from something you don’t like to something more enjoyable. Distraction doesn’t mean you “give up,” but it can create miracles. If your child is playing with the buttons on the laptop, give him/her an old one to play with, or whenever you are working on it, ask your child to turn it on. If your daughter wants to play with your cosmetic bag, give her different jars and boxes and put them in another bag.

Be persistent about what’s important

Threats won’t get you the results you want. Toddlers quickly learn to ignore the constant stream of phrases like: “If you don’t stop touching the laptop, I will punish you,” which essentially means nothing. Therefore, it is important to learn how to explain, show by example and negotiate, as well as be consistent and persistent in your decisions.

Teach the values not the rules

According to statistics, parents correct their child’s behavior every 6-9 minutes! However, it is better to teach children values than to set rules for them. When communicating with a child, it is useful to imagine that there is a future Mozart or Einstein in front of you. Will you yell at Einstein and humiliate Mozart? Or will you help your child to reveal his/her abilities? You need to believe in your child, even if it seems to you that nothing works and that other children are much more talented.

Every kid deserves to have a happy childhood. With the right approach, every parent can contribute to it. So, keep trying and enjoy this time with your kid.

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