The Best Ways to Childproof Your Windows

Childproof Your Windows

If you have children, you probably know how difficult it sometimes can be to prevent them from exploring the house. And it sometimes might lead to injuries from unexpected things. Home windows are, according to statistics, one of the most often mentioned places your kids get injured in.

That was my situation as well, so I put in a lot of effort and even contacted Ecoline Windows Canada, the installation experts, to find the best ways to childproof my home windows. So now I am ready to share this info with you in case you have the same issues with your kids and windows. Interested? Keep reading!

Childproof window locks 

The simplest and easiest way to childproof your windows is to use childproof window locks. Like doors, lockable windows let you restrict access by locking them with keys. Interestingly, you can buy window locks for every window type. Apart from that, contemporary window types come with built-in locks and keys that you can use to prevent successful opening.

Childproof window locks are practical and convenient to install. If your window does not come with locks, you can head down to the nearest hardware store and buy them. However, on the downside, it can be a hassle to close the windows at all times – an activity that you can find a little inconvenient.

Childproof window guards 

Windows guards are designed like a grille to protect your children from accidents. Regardless of your window size, you can conveniently sort for a window guard that will fit. Apart from protection, the guard’s design allows adequate ventilation.

Window guards are effective and difficult for toddlers to open. Instead of a horizontal installation, we recommend a vertical installation to ensure your kids can’t repurpose the guard. Although difficult for kids to open, you can conveniently push it aside if you need to in case of an emergency. However, on the downside, window guards lack aesthetics since it looks like jail bars.

Regardless, you can install childproof window guards on casement windows, slider windows, awning windows, and double or single-hung windows.

Childproof window screens 

So, what if you don’t want your children to play behind a window guard that looks like jail bars? Another convenient way to childproof your windows is to use a window screen. As the name implies, window screens are screens that you can install on your window. Besides providing security, the screens are aesthetic and eye-catching.

Window screens add an extra layer of insulation around your home. However, they only work for casement, slider, awning, and double or single-hung windows.

Childproof window blinds 

Childproof windows blinds are also effective for childproofing the windows. However, we recommend that you buy the cordless type of any model that suits your home decoration. This is because window blinds with cords can cause accidental strangulation. Hence, a cordless blind is a more effective solution. Motorized blinds don’t come with cords; hence, they are safer for kids.

Install the most secured windows 

Casement windows are one of the most secured window types since they are difficult to break. In essence, your kids will also have a hard time breaking out of them. There are two types of casement windows. One type is hinged on the side and swings or cranks outward, and the other is hinged at the top and swings outwards. A single internal gear mechanism controls how far the window can swing. However, you must always lock the window to keep it secured.

Sliding windows feature large glass panes and an operable sash that you can slide horizontally. As a result, it allows a great view of the outdoors and lets breeze into the house. You can use a sliding window in place of a casement window with no room for outdoor clearance or an unrestricted outdoor view.

Sliding windows come with an activation lock that you can use to stop the window from sliding to either side. Hence, when the window is locked, your kids won’t be able to open it unless you show them how to do so. You can also combine it with any other childproofing window solution we have mentioned above.

Other things to keep in mind

Indeed, we have listed and explained some of the best ways to childproof your windows. However, on their own, the protections may not be enough to work with. Since children love to explore and would probably figure out a way to bypass your security soon, do the following:

  • Move your armchairs, couches, or any pieces of furniture away from the windows. This is to prevent climbing and falling over.
  • Remove handles from crank windows so that your children don’t open them in your absence.
  • Windows that open from the top are a better alternative to the ones that open from the bottom. This is because the top is usually harder to reach.
  • Sit your kids down and talk to them about windows and heights and how dangerous it can be.


Employing the best ways to childproof your windows is one of the least yet important ways to keep your kids safe at home. Childproof windows protect children from accidents, are easy to install, and can be an extra help in your daily babysitting routine. Take this safety precaution and ensure that there are no window-related accidents within your home.


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